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If you're a diver well-versed in awesome off the beaten track dive locations around the world but Anambas doesn't ring a bell, don't worry, you're not alone.

Anambas is a practically unknown chain of coral-rich bounty islands, located in the greater Coral Triangle.

A bit of a throw-back to the Terra Incognita era, very few people have heard of Anambas, quite rare in this day and age.

The reason for this is because for the longest time, Anambas has been languishing as a sparsely populated offshore territory, geographically situated where you least expect it, at about 200 kilometers northeast of Singapore.

Not that long ago, however, the castaway island-peppered district, a sovereignty of Indonesia, reached its inflection point.

Wreck diving
Wreck diving
It was Pulau Bawah, the ultra-swanky retreat on the island of the same name, welcoming the first of its HNWI and high-society guests that made the global tourism industry sit up. And in its wake, the international diving community took notice.

Ever since that day, a number of project developers moved into the region and more than a few breathtaking hitherto completely unknown paradise islands, the caliber of Maldives, have changed hands.

As we speak, several new resorts, from affordable to exclusive, are being developed.

The Anambas Archipelago's potential as a major exotic holiday island and scuba hotspot destination is only now starting to dawn amongst travelers, both regionally and overseas.

Breathtaking Pulau Bawah
Breathtaking Pulau Bawah

The islands' simultaneous blissful remoteness and proximity to a good number of densely populated cities, and the ever-burgeoning middle class of many of these cities, will ensure Anambas' popularity as a getaway location of choice, particularly given the brand new wide-body aircraft-enabled airport on Anambas that was completed recently.

In view of many of the Anambas islands' protected marine park status, the area's rich flora and fauna diversity and gin-clear waters, it's abundantly clear that diving will be one of the major draws there.

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Tropical fish schooling
Tropical fish schooling